Beautiful Mexican Woven Baby Wraps.


These 100% non strech cotton, hand made items are created on a pedal loom of all different sizes, and patterns.

Rebozos have been used by Mexican women since the prehispanic times to cover themselves from cold or to carry thier babies.

A rebozo consist of two parts: the main one which is the woven part made in the loom and the fringe. The woven part is made by men and the fringe by women.

The process to have a fiished piece can take a couple or days or weeks, it starts since the thread is dyed, then woven and finnally the fringe is knotted by hand.

Rebozos make baby wearing easy, fun and secure. We want to share babywearing mexican style with you wherever you are in the world so you and your baby can enjoy this beautiful, intimate tradition.

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